to change frame!



Installation at Landesmuseum Zurich for «Lange Nacht der Museen» and Lakritz.


In the context of the exhibition «Schmuck. Material Handwerk Kunst» at the Landesmuseum we kept track of the following questions.

How to combine clothes?

What are so called «Dont’s?


Who defines it?

When is something getting out of line?


How do we «decorate» ourselfe? Our professions in mind – costume designer and make-up artist – we are always confronted with questions about our outward appearance.

We were inspired by historical fashion, patterns, cuts, artists and much more. We implemented those different pieces of clothes with several materials and made them «wearable». We tried to open new ways and to surprise ourself.



headpieces and clothes made by Annina Gull and Juliette Ruetz

photos: Sebastian Henning