TIM FREITAG – tip toe



Old age make-up for TIP TOE. The new musicvideo of Tim Freitag.

The make-up was made of several silicone pieces. They were all made of platgel silicone and encapsulated in capskin.

Janick is also wearing a wig made of human hair.


Zurich Crew

Director & Producer: Achille Lietha

DP: Patrick Betschart

First Assistant Director: Julie Cahannes

Costume Designer: Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon

Mask / Make-Up Artist: Juliette Ruetz

Stylist: Julian Keller

Storyboard: Leroy Steinmann

Hair and Make-Up: Tilia Novotny

Drone Pilot: Ian Oggenfuss

VFX Supervisor: Michael Scialpi

Set Lighting: Lukas Bösch, Emanuel Hänseberger

Editing: Achille Lietha & Patrick Betschart

Compositing: Michael Scialpi

Color Grading: Jürgen Kupka

Trucker: Charlotte Linsener


Saigon Crew

Producer: Gui Trang

DP: Kiet Hao Lam Art

Direction: Gui Trang

Gaffer: Minh Vu Costume

Designer: Tram Anh

Hair & Make Up Artist: Jodie Hoang

Stylist: Daisy Thanh

PA 1: Wong Tse Tung

PA 2: Andrew Truong

Catering: Binh Duong

Trucker: Tuan Nguyen

Audio FX: Lorenzo Demenga


This Music Video was supported by  Migros Kulturprozent

Watch the Making of: https://youtu.be/d-aah5wDTqs



Production: Beat Jegen, Giuliano Sulzberger, Janick Pfenninger

Arrangement: Beat Jegen, Janick Pfenninger

Mix: Dave Hofmann

Mastering: Soundgarden (Flo Siller, Chris von Rautenkranz)

Lyrics: Janick Pfenninger & Vania Sousa

Music: Janick Pfenninger, Severin Graf, Nicolas Rüttimann, Lorenzo Demenga, Daniel Gisler