danitsa – mr business



Hair and make-up for the new Danitsa musicvideo.


photos: Sam Ouakes

director: Dylan Moore

produced by : Vie D’Ange & 808 Delavega

label : Evidence Music

mix by : Etienne Maitre, Evidence Music

mastered by : Nicolas Meury,

styling : Jennifer Tschugmell,

clothes: Julia Seemann, Archives, After Work Studio, Collective Swallow, The Straight And Narrow, Christandl, Carhartt

make-up & hair : Juliette Ruetz & Sabina Lehmann

assistants : Sam Ouakes & Roba Musa


with Nadège Hope Nyakossi, Laila Kavindu, Romy Strasser, Brian Witsch, Thomas Nurkic, Alejandro Hernandez, Mike Douglas Sidi, Charo Ares, Miles Singleton, Anna Chedza, Celine Alpiger, Jonani Ebersold, Nathalie Genetelli, Salomé Shärer, Julia Estrada, Denice Stoller